Boarding & Grooming

Your pet's next vacation starts at Lucky Chance Pet Resort & Spa. Our boarding facility accommodates cats, dogs, birds and other small animals. Our pet resort team is waiting to welcome your pet today!

  • $City pet boarding

    Dog Boarding

    A comfortable and relaxing home away from home, complete with outdoor walks and spacious kennels.

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  • Cat Boarding

    Cat Boarding

    Luxury at its finest for even the most fickle feline! Two-level condos, private bathroom, and personal aquarium makes this the ultimate stay.

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  • Avian & Small Animal Boarding

    Avian & Small Animal Boarding

    Our pet resort is open to most small animals, including birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and more.

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  • Pet Groomers


    Pamper your pet to help them stay in top shape and overall good health.

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For additional information or to schedule your pet's next stay, call us at (610) 346-7854.